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Cash 3


Cash 3 draw: 8164

on Jul 24, 2024


Cash 3 draw 8164 was held on Jul 24, 2024,
with following Cash 3 results: 3, 2, 8

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Dividends for Cash 3 Draw 8164, 2024-07-24

Numbers MatchedPrize Per WinnerTotal Winners
Exact order
Any order - 6 way
Any order - 3 way

Cash 3 Results

, Australian Daily Cash 3 Results

Cash 3 is the ticket to bringing a little bit of fun into your day. You could win up to $500, or more if you play additional games. All you need to do is pick three different numbers from 0-9. Easy as that! There's also a variety of play types to help you increase your chance of winning. Play today, or any day!

Cash 3

Cash 3

Drawn every night of the week, you could win up to $500 in a single Cash 3 game - or more if you decide to play additional games! When you play both Exact Order and Any Order it gives you more chances to win a larger prize. This is a fixed odds game, which means the prizes are fixed according to the kind of play type and how much you spend on a ticket.


Cash 3 is Western Australia’s own lottery and is not available elsewhere around Australia. Cash 3 lotto is drawn every single night, 365 days a year, giving WA players the chance to win up to $500 every night of the week. There are three separate sets of numbers between zero and nine and three numbers are drawn from each set. Wins can be made up of numbers appearing in exact order, any order or both ways. The odds of Cash 3 are pretty decent as far as the lottery goes, with the odds of placing an exact order win one in 1,000. This kind of lotto game format is also used in several locations in the USA.


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